Carolyn Copeland Consulting

Carolyn Copeland is a Bay Area-based news editor with more than a decade of diverse experience in print and broadcast media. Some of her written work can be found in the San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, The Forge, Prism, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Palo Alto Weekly, and San Francisco Examiner. She has also appeared as a guest commentator on CNN, PBS, KRON 4, and various radio shows and podcasts. 

Carolyn has extensive mass media experience in major market broadcasting. She has worked as a news writer and producer for KGO 810 radio, a news writer for ABC7 News, and a traffic producer for iHeartMedia. 

Carolyn is currently the news editor at Prism, an independent newsroom that aims to amplify the voices of marginalized groups. Many of her op-eds and essays have discussed the biracial experience and finding self-acceptance in a world that tells people that multicultural people don’t belong.  

As a writer, Carolyn understands the importance of constructive criticism and detailed feedback. She launched Carolyn Copeland Consulting in 2017 as a way to assist those who need a second opinion on their work, want someone to book guests for their podcast, or need some help strengthening their work.

Carolyn loves Christmas, scented candles, and the Oxford comma. She’s usually juggling multiple projects, but when she’s not working you can typically find her in the kitchen whipping up new recipes and cooking for people. If she’s not doing that, she’s probably running behind her toddler or catching a stand-up comedy show with her husband in the city. Need some editing work done? Have some recipes you want to share? Just want to say hi? Shoot her an email. She’d love to hear from you!

Carolyn Copeland