Carolyn Copeland Consulting will help you with your term paper, admissions essays or proposals. These services are competitively priced.

Essay Proofreading
We will proofread your paper right before you’re ready to submit it. We’ll clean up any spelling or grammar errors to make sure your final draft is polished and concise.

Essay Editing
This service is best for people who have an early draft of their essay and need heavy edits. We will check your work for clarity, sentence structure, punctuation and organization. If you’re looking for detailed feedback, this is the service for you!

Cover Letter Editing or Rewrite
*This service is offered at a discounted price to students*
Making a good impression on an employer is crucial when you’re a young professional. We will look over your existing cover letter to check for clarity, grammar and format.
We can also rewrite your cover letter from scratch.

College Admissions Essays & Scholarship Essays
This service is designed to improve your college admissions essay. We’ll fix any problem areas and offer recommendations to make your writing stand out. This service is also useful for students who need someone to review their scholarship essays. This service comes with two rounds of editing.

Student Prices range from $60 per hour to $75 per hour.